About Demolition Flower

Inspiration! (Credit to Portsmouth’s mystery crocheter….)

Welcome to the blog.

After only learning to crochet in 2010, I (Demolition Flower) have become hooked on the art of crochet (pun intended…)

I’ve created these pages as an adjunctive to my Etsy shop, where I take various commissions (on an individual basis) for crocheted items. The blog is intended for interest / inspiration for anyone keen, or ideas for commission, but also for myself as a bit of a log of different types of creations that I’ve done.

I’m aware of the number of related blogs are out there already. I have the notion that this may be slightly original, as I have varied taste when it comes to aesthetics (as do my friends, some of whom my creations are intended for). I aim  (and indeed already have begun) to broaden my variety and increase adventurousness, as you may see. I have also tentatively started to construct jewellery (usually with a crochet element) so as my proficiency progresses with that, they may begin to appear here.

Quick additional note, I don’t follow patterns. I look on the internet for inspiration and will read patterns, but I can’t follow them. It’s one of my weaknesses.  This means that I cannot easily send formalised patterns on request. If you would like one though, please feel free to contact me and I can give a brief description of what I’ve done for various projects.

I’d love to hear from readers, whether it’s complements or criticisms about the site, request for posts or for commission or general interest. Or questions!

Feel free to comment on any posts (and I hope to introduce a private message function in the near future).



“Destruction is construction”


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