Golf mitt creatures

I made two “mitts” for the golf clubs of a golf fanatic – I thought a nice idea would be to make them into little boggly-eyed creatures!


Ducky hat

I think I have discovered a new found love for crochet animal projects!

I have made this hat for a newborn baby – we don’t know yet whether this will be a boy or girl, so I have made something that I think would work well for either. I have also created an identical design for an older child.

I think the big crocheted eyes and the 3d beak really give it a good character!


Things I learnt:

1) I can’t wait to do more animal hats!

Multicolour Booties

imageThe colour of these booties is gorgeous! These ones are for a newborn, and will shortly have matching scratch-mits.

Things I’ve learnt:

1) Multocolour wool is great.

2) Making booties requires thinking about what will be used as a fastener! This may sound obvious, but having never made booties before (or been around babies!) I hadn’t given it a thought. I’ve used poppers, but I think next time I’ll consider Velcro. A lot of patterns on the internet use tie fastening (with ribbon or yarn) but I imagine poppers or velcro are a bit more user friendly for whoever is securing the shoes to the baby!

Cuthbert the finger puppet bat

I made this finger puppet of a bat, for a bat enthusiast.


Finger puppets are great if you want to give a gift that’s fun & unusual with character. Bats are good animals for this because of the wings as well.

Things I learnt:

1) Finger puppets are cool!

2) Must obtain some better eyes. With the resources I had available to me at the time, I should have crocheted little white eyes, but I wanted them to be boggly, so I used two little white beads and drew on black dots for pupils with a marker – this didn’t work out all that well, so I am going to make sure that I find some better googly eyes for next time.

Lace-pattern scarf

Probably my favourite project so far – a turquoise scarf in a lacy fan stich. The stich pattern isn’t very clear on the photo – apologies for that. I will try to post another photo which shows the pattern in more detail.

Things I learnt –

1) New stitch pattern

2) This is a lovely pattern for a scarf, because it is nice and light (especially good for springtime or mild winters as we have at the moment!)

Wine cosy

Apologies (again) for the dreadful picture quality (I must get better at this), but this is a wine cosy that I created. It’s bottle green with a black rim.

Admittedly, there probably isn’t huge usefulness in wine cosies, but they can be a good way to make a generic present less generic!


Things I learnt:

1) It should have been bigger (longer up the bottle)

2) A more useful adaption of this would be a wine carrier, which would have the same design but cover the bottle completely and include a handle over the top. Note to self for next time…


Sleep mask

I made this sleepmask for an insomniac friend of mine. The picture doesn’t do it justice – the shape of it is much more even & symmetrical than it looks and it works pretty well at keeping the light out. The mask also includes a tie at the back.


Things I learnt:

1) I actually made this twice – the first time I had used a bigger crochet hook which let in more light (as the gaps were bigger), which defeated the object of a sleepmask! So the trick is to crochet tightly with a small hook so that the stitches are closely packed together.